Sharky Series Height-Adjustable Headlamp Brackets

If you’re tired of seeing countless headlamp bracket designs set up the typical 90° to the front forks or looking less-than-integrated with the lines of the Hinckley Classic Twins, the new Sharky series of height-adjustable headlamp brackets will put some graceful curves out in front, right where they belong.

Fabricated in 6061 aluminum with stainless steel mounting hardware, bracket & clamp sets will be available in satin-brushed aluminum or satin black.

Sharky V1 is similar in length to the stock Bonneville headlamp brackets, the Sharky Shorty and the Sharky Skeleton are +/- 1/2″ shorter.

Designed to fit the stock Bonneville and Thruxton 8″ headlamps. Spacers will be required for stock Scrambler and other downsized aftermarket headlamps.

Sharky V1

Sharky Shorty

Sharky Skeleton