2015 Bonneville by Johnny M

Photos from Johnny Malangone of his outstanding 2015 Bonneville,  a motorcycle that is doubtless turning heads even on the mean streets of Gotham. In John’s own words…

“The bike is just 4 months old. The day I got it I rode to work and came out to find someone backed into it in Battery Park City and cracked my front fender in half. That night I went online, heartbroken, to see how quickly I could replace it and discovered how many easy mods were available all over the web. I was instantly obsessed and knew that I needed to make the bike my own. I see so many awesome custom bonnies with stripped tanks and beat up retro looks but my goal was to play off the T100 black theme, keeping it as classy as possible while still respecting its roots. After weeks of cosmetic and performance updates it’s finally where I want it to be. The little details are important to me so finding Seth helped make the whole thing come together with the custom chain guard, sprocket cover, and gauge bracket. The funny thing is that even with all the mods I’ve done, I still haven’t gotten around to replacing the front fender.”

Thanks to John for the great photos and the story of the bike thus far! Johnny M Bonnie 1Johnny M Bonnie 2 Johnny M Bonnie 3Johnny M Bonnie 4Johnny M Bonnie 5

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  1. Jamie Huber January 22, 2016 at 1:22 PM #

    I really love Johnny Malangone’s Bonneville. Is there anyway that you can post a list of the mods he’s done? (Or even just the specific ones you sell.) Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks

  2. D9 January 22, 2016 at 5:13 PM #

    Jamie – me too! Just got this from Johnny M, who’s currently sitting on a train trying
    to make it home before the blizzard:

    “Clubman lossa handlebars
    Flat dual gauge bracket with ignition relocate – d9
    Lane splitter bar end mirrors
    Led headlight and black bucket – motodemic
    All indicators relocated and updated – BC
    Rectifier relo – BC
    Airbox removal – BC
    Tank debadged
    Gold chain
    Sprocket cover and chain guard – d9
    Seat, integrated tail light, fender removal – BC
    Ohlins rear suspension
    Progressive fork springs
    Larson upholstery leather knee pads
    Wrapped headers

    And now I know why I’m broke. “

  3. Jamie H. January 22, 2016 at 5:24 PM #

    Truly an amazing bike, worth being broke over! Thanks for all the info, really like those Larson knee pads, adds a real unique touch to the bike!

  4. Marcel July 24, 2017 at 10:41 AM #

    Wow, this Bonneville looks awesome John, well done! How did you make the exhaust wrap look like it’s “used”? I mean, it starts as a white wrap, and quickly becomes black or ‘dirty-ish’ along the way. Did you make it like that on purpose, or does the white wrap actually becomes like this after riding a while? It looks great.

    Regards, Marcel


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