Andrew’s ’98 Thunderbird Sport

October 29, 2015

Photos from Andrew S of his gorgeous ’98 Thunderbird Sport, featuring numerous thoughtful details and well-executed mods that really bring out the muscular grace and lovely lines of this millenium-era Hinckley Classic Triple, a motorcycle too rarely seen these days. Among the many changes, the choice of a sweet, super-low profile 4″OD combination instrument from Speedhut eventually led Andrew to the D9 Bonneville instrument bracket skunkworks, where we worked out a clean, custom minimalist angled design. Andrew took care of the powder coating. Seeing the finished dash setup on a bike so well put together, there’s something slightly Vincent-esque about the generous, elegant Speedhut instrument face – and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Great work on an awesome Hinckley Triple – congrats Andrew, and thanks for the photos!